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Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Importance Of A Projector

So I was reading an article today in Electronic House that I had to pass on to you, but it seems more and more like the new standard in sweet home theater setups is NOT the LCD television, or the plasma television or even the LED television–the new standard is the projector.

Sweet Home Theater Setup – Retro Paradiso

You know…I thought I was bad that I actually still owned a tube television.  I thought I was deeply mired in a forgotten system (though don’t revoke my technocrat’s membership card yet, folks–it’s got sentimental value.

Sweet Home Theater Setups – Viva Variety

Variety, ladies and gentlemen, is as always the spice of life.  And thus, when I see a home theater setup that’s dripping with variety, well, I can’t help but call it sweet. Today’s target setup not only offers a big screen television for gaming, but also a projector screen for movies.

Sweet Home Theater Setups – Just One Projector

Folks, sometimes, you’ve got to pause and give some respect for the simple things in life.  Raindrops, roses, whiskers on kittens, and other things fake nuns sing about.  But also you’ve got to spare a thought for people who can manage to put together a home theater setup with just one projector, and from the
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