Sweet Home Theater Setups – Viva Variety

Variety, ladies and gentlemen, is as always the spice of life.  And thus, when I see a home theater setup that’s dripping with variety, well, I can’t help but call it sweet.

Today’s target setup not only offers a big screen television for gaming, but also a projector screen for movies.  The ability to switch back and forth like that is extremely valuable, and thus helps with the overall sweetness of the project.

From the tech angle, there are a PAIR of Sony Bravias in here–one a forty six inch and the other a fifty two inch, plus a Sony projector with a matching hundred and ten inch VUTEC screen.  Plus there’s a Denon receiver, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Bose Home Theater speakers and more.

When you put together the sheer versatility of this home theater setup with the sweetness of its components, you end up with a total package that is, indeed, sweet.  Of course, it’s also massively expensive, even though it’s basically some guy’s living room dripping with tech hardware.  But still–sweet is sweet, and in the end, this is sweet.