Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Budget Living Room Display

Folks, we all know how bad things are out there.  We all know we’re living tighter these days. We’re making our pennies scream we pinch them so hard.

So its not surprising that more people are looking at home theater as a great way to save money by reducing their entertainment expenses by staying at home.  But what can you do when you have only a living room as a room big enough to accommodate such a system, and you have to stay on a budget?

Well, do what this guy did, folks–he’s managed to put together a complete home theater system for fifteen hundred bucks and do it all in his living room, so he can continue to use the living room as, well, a living room.

He’s got all the basics in there.  Specifically, he’s running an Infocus projector, a Marantz receiver, a set of Jamo 5.1 channel surround sound speakers and a Samsung DVD player, along with his Dish Network receiver and DVR, along with a homemade screen.

He’s got plenty of room for improvement, which is terrific, and he’s built it in the thoroughly modular style so he can expand as he sees fit.  And when you factor all this in play, well, you can only call it a sweet home theater setup.