Sweet Home Theater Setups – Just One Projector

Folks, sometimes, you’ve got to pause and give some respect for the simple things in life.  Raindrops, roses, whiskers on kittens, and other things fake nuns sing about.  But also you’ve got to spare a thought for people who can manage to put together a home theater setup with just one projector, and from the look of it, not much else.

Oh, sure, he’s hooked his peripherals into it.  His cable box or dish receiver, because he’s watching LA Ink, and of course his PS3 which is doing double duty as a Blu-ray player as is the case so many times are both there.  In fact, nowhere in the video or in the description of same is any kind of audio component mentioned.  No receiver, no speakers, not even a home stereo.

But still–when you look at what this guy’s doing with an ordinary Optoma EX330 ultraportable projector (which is actually a pretty badass projector–I couldn’t find one for under seven hundred fifty bucks on Google shopping), you have to have a little respect.  He doesn’t even have a filmscreen in there.  But what he does have is a pretty sweet home theater setup.