Sweet Home Theater Setups – Ninety Second Tech

Folks, today I’m going to bring you a crying shame.  This is a fella named Dave who runs a website called E-gear.com, who put together a little video showing off some of the stuff they’d be covering over at e-gear, sort of a synopsis.

The result was called “Ninety Second Tech”, and in it they very briefly describe some things you’ll want to know if you’ve got an interest in home theater.

One, they offer up some great ways to build your own sweet home theater setup on the cheap, by doing things like hanging your own flatscreen television.  They follow that up with a review of various components, and then finish that out by discussion a complete home theater system that has been optimized for gamers. Of course, that one’s not quite so budget minded as it weighs in at a wallet-smashing four grand, which isn’t much by home theater standards–if you believe these guys–but is a whole whopping lot to regular people.

But they’ll teach you quite a bit in that ninety second video–and here’s where the shame comes in.  Only four people have seen it in the last six months.  Enjoy!