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Linksys says goodbye to Media Center Extenders

. Linksys has recently sent out word that the are discontinuing their entire line of Media Center Extenders. A solid reason wasn’t given but it could probably be attributed to declining sales. I mean, does anyone actually own one of these?

Virgin Media 500GB Baby TiVo Box Now Available for Preorder

There are so many different ways to stream content through services like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu that it’s almost becoming hard to justify the need for a cable subscription. However, those looking to legally consume first run television shows will almost definitely need a cable subscription.

PicoHD5.1 is a pocket sized media player

. At first glimpse, the PicoHD 5.1 media player resembles a card reader, and it pretty much is, besides having an IR port for a remote controller. Which makes this little thing into a pocket sized media player capable of streaming movies and content from an SD card, USB flash drive or external hard drive
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Virgin Media to Offer Cheaper TiVo DVR with 500GB

Not too long ago we let you in on some rumors that said Virgin Media would be coming forth at some point to release a lower priced TiVo DVR with a smaller hard drive. Well, it seems that these rumors were correct as the company has just let us know that they will in fact
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Iomega 2TB ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player

We have seen a lot of products from Iomega before, such as the eGo External Hard Drive and Portable External USB 3.0 SSD Drive. Now they have the 2TB ScreenPlay DX HD media player, which is able to stream movies from Netflix (only available in the U.

Cirago CMC3200 media player launched

Cirago – not the go to name for electronics these days – have announced that they’ve launched a new media player called CMC3200. The new player features 2 TB of built in storage, 1080p support (and it supports both H264 and MKV codecs), WiFi, and lots of streaming abilities.