Virgin Media 500GB Baby TiVo Box Now Available for Preorder

There are so many different ways to stream content through services like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu that it’s almost becoming hard to justify the need for a cable subscription. However, those looking to legally consume first run television shows will almost definitely need a cable subscription. This proves itself to be a problem as perhaps one who wants to view said content isn’t around when it’s scheduled to be shown. Lucky for them there is no shortage of DVRs on the market with companies like TiVo largely dominating the sector.

If you’re living in Europe and are looking a TiVo box you may want to check out Virgin Media’s 500GB box that recently went up for pre-order at just ?49.95 which is quite a step down from the 1TB box which commands a ?149.95 price tag. According to reports this box should be made available sometime in July so we’ll keep you posted as a more solid release date is made known.

via engadget