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Mitsubishi RDT241WEX LCD Display

Mitsubishi Corp. will soon release its new RDT241WEX LCD Display in Japan. The 24-inch LCD Display integrates an IPS adoption panel with EasyColor2 for superior color reproduction. The LCDs ECO Professional features enabling lower power consumption and reduced cost.

Samsung Electronics Display Port 30 inch LCD

. Samsung Electronics recently unveiled its latest 30 inch WQXGA 2,560×1,600 resolution LCD that equips next generation VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) display port interface. This advanced LCD Monitor embodies a 10 bit graphic data processing chip.

Warpia Wireless USB Adapter Set for PC to HDTV Displays and Projectors

Sources R&D has launched wireless adapter set that allows people to view PC contents on TVs, monitors and projectors. The Wireless USB Display Adapter, to be distributed under the Warpia brand, allows users to view video, Internet content and pictures from their computer on monitors and HDTV displays without the hassle of extra cables.

Toshiba glasses-free 3D display on display at SID 2011

I still am not certain what the verdict is on glasses-free 3D. Sharp has a few phones coming out with them, but Toshiba has stated that the sales aren’t as good as expected. This doesn’t stop them from showing it off, like they did at a 3D Expo last December.

Mitsubishis new 23-inch IPS 3D Display

It would appear that Mitsubishi is doing some interesting things with some Blu-ray players, the 5? WVGA color TFT LCD module, and the HC9000D 3D Home Theater Projector. Now there has been a Mitsubishi display, which is for the desktop and presumably for the home theater, maybe.

LG introduces 47 inch transparent LCD-IPS displays

Some of you might remember the other day when we reported that Samsung is planning on mass producing some 22-inch panel TVs that are transparent. I don’t think that LG is really stealing a page from the Samsung playbook, but they do have a similar product that is transparent like their 15-inch AMOLED display.

Microsoft Germanys Cinema is a 234-inch touchscreen display

This is something that made an appearance at the CeBIT 2011 show in Hanover from Microsoft Germany. What you are seeing here is the Microsoft Cinema, and it is a 234-inch touchscreen display. Yes, we all know that 234 inches is very big, and this probably wouldn’t fit in most of our homes.