Toshiba glasses-free 3D display on display at SID 2011

I still am not certain what the verdict is on glasses-free 3D. Sharp has a few phones coming out with them, but Toshiba has stated that the sales aren’t as good as expected. This doesn’t stop them from showing it off, like they did at a 3D Expo last December. Find out more after the jump.

.Toshiba has recently put out their 3D on display again at SID 2011, however, they seem to be trying for an untapped glasses-free display market: tablets.

I have seen Toshiba’s glasses free 3D at CES before. Actually, I didn’t, for there was a line to it. Now, why would you put it in a room with velvet ropes surrounding it if it was a 3D display? Maybe it is because a large one can only be appreciated from a certain angle.

This one is 8 inches, and there is indeed a “sweet spot” to view it in 3D. I guess until we perfect holograms, that is what we will have to deal with as far as glasses-free 3D displays.