Microsoft Germanys Cinema is a 234-inch touchscreen display

This is something that made an appearance at the CeBIT 2011 show in Hanover from Microsoft Germany. What you are seeing here is the Microsoft Cinema, and it is a 234-inch touchscreen display.

Yes, we all know that 234 inches is very big, and this probably wouldn’t fit in most of our homes. I’m pretty certain that whoever made this really wanted to make a really, really big impression.

So, what can touch controls do with a system that is this large? Well, the bottom half of it can do the flicking and panning things that you would expect. Your are definitely going to have to spread your arms wide if you want to do a pinch to zoom, though.

Something tells me that this screen is going to start making the rounds at a lot of conventions that Microsoft will attend. I will be sure to look for at CES 2012, and I’m certain there is at least more than one place where it will appear until then.