Old Military helmet turned into PS3 gaming helmet

Even though I don’t play any games on the PS3 (or any other system) using a Bluetooth headset, I know that there are many out there that do.

I’m sure you probably wish that you had a Bluetooth headset that looks like the one that el8id has. It is actually a military-issue helmet from the 1980s, and it cost only $22. I’m not certain how much it costs for him to do his little fix-up.

As it turns out, a lot of the original wiring was still inside, and he replaced the stuff inside with a Bluetooth microphone and stereo headphones. Not only can it be used on a PS3, but it works on the phone and television.

This looks like some sort of gaming accessory that would be for the next Gears of War game. I’m pretty certain that there are other gaming franchises that could using a helmet like this.