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DIY Speakers: TriTrix Transmission Line

As those of you who read my speaker stands review are well aware I am no DIY master. So when the opportunity to build the Parts Express TriTrix Transmission Line DIY speakers with knock down box came along I was frightened for the future of both our magazine and Parts Express. (I was excited about
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DIY: Wyatt Woodworking Cabinet Kit for Audio Nirvana Drivers

Perhaps the trickiest obstacle for the aspiring DIY speaker builder to overcome is obtaining a quality set of cabinets. There are companies that offer pre-built speaker cabinets, which is one solution worth considering. All of the pre-built cabinets I have encountered, however, have a narrow baffle plate. The largest speaker that can be installed is
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DIY Project: TNT Audio Stubby Speaker Stands

I recently had a need for a pair of speaker stands on short notice. Being a frugal audiophile with a picky wife I knew my stands needed to be dirt cheap, solid and attractive. My original idea was to build the Stubby design from So there I was laying in bed one evening thinking about
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DIY Hell: The “Spirit of Orion” – Part2

Well here’s the second instalment of the “Spirit of Orion” loudspeaker system build project (first part can be found here). Last time I gave a broad stroke description of the system and the final “incarnation” using the excellent Jordan JX92S full range drivers in the open baffle and the M&K subs and plate amps (with
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DIY Hell: The “Spirit of Orion” A Full Frequency, OB/Subwoofer Inspired By Siegfried Linkwitz’s Orion Loudspeakers. Part I

Well as promised (finally), I’m nearing completion of the the “Spirit of Orion” loudspeaker project . For those that don’t know, the Orions are Siegfried Linkwitz’s DIY “challenge” to the world of loudspeakers. Dr Linkwitz (of Linkwitz-Riley crossover fame and the designer of some seriously expensive , but reportedly excellent Audio Artistry “Beethoven” loudspeakers). When
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Adding Better Speaker Terminals

I dislike spring clip terminals on speakers and amplifiers, much preferring the better contact and cable retention of good binding posts. Here on my workbench is an Onkyo M-5150 Power Amplifier, but the same modification can be done to other amplifiers and receivers if there is enough room on the back panel.

Knob Repair

I had just received an Onkyo P-3150V preamp I purchased for my older son’s stereo system. It arrived with a misshapen case, the chassis would not sit square on the table, and the volume knob was broken. Also, the bezel around the volume knob was knocked in. There was a silvery ding in the black
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DIY: Poor Man’s Music Server (with apologies to Sooloos)

Some months back Sooloos brought to the market a stunning evolution in music servers. Combining a 17” touch panel screen (Control), rectangular computer module (Source), hard drive modules (Store), and an advanced software package. It has taken the music server system to a new level of sophistication along with a stratospheric price tag of $12,900.
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