Zigmahornet Speaker Cabinets

Those of you who have read my previous reviews will know that I have quite a liking for the Fostex […]

LiTe DAC Ah review inside

LiTe Dac Ah – Revisited.

As a transport I used the Cambridge 640Cv2 that in it’s own right had received many accolades and “Best Buys” […]


Tuning the Sound

So, you’re sitting at home listening to your latest musical love and browsing a brand new issue of Hi-Fi for […]

Fostex FE206Driver/208 Sigma Cabinet

Fostex FE206 Driver / FE208 Sigma Cabinet

 Specifications: FE206E Frequency response f0 – 20khz Sound Pressure Level 96db Rated Input 30w Music Power 90w Overall Diameter 208mm Baffle […]

Connectors are complete

DIY RCA’s, interconnect cables

No one would argue these are not interesting times. One of the tiny benefits of times as interesting as these […]