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New Pioneer Receivers Integrated with iPhone and iPod Connectivity

Pioneer Electronics unveils three new A/V receivers that now cover interface options that will allow consumers to enjoy audio and video stored from iPhone and iPods. The three new receivers, VSX-819AH, VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH A/V receivers feature proprietary technologies designed to restore compressed audio data and recreate the dynamic listening experiences intended by the original
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Pioneer SE-MJ71-S Steel Wheels Headphones on sale at Amazon

Well, it wouldn’t be another few days at Cybertheater without a report of some sort of deal on Amazon. In this case, it is the Pioneer DJ-Inspired SE-MJ71-S Steel Wheels headphones. They have 40mm drivers which are good at generating 1,200 mW of input power, and create sound at 105 dB sensitivity.

Pioneer SE-MJ151 Headphones

Pioneer has made quite a bit of headphones in the past. For example, there was the Limited Edition HDJ-1000 Headphones and the DJ Headphones. They have recently announced the SE-MJ151, which have a 40mm driver unit, an impedance of 32 Ohms, as well as an output level of 100db on 10Hz – 25kHz.

Pioneer s-hf11c

REASONABLY PRICED HOME THEATER SPEAKER THAT THOROUGHLY ENHANCES TV AND DVD VOICE DIALOG. This center-console speaker not only envelopes the vibrations of the inner tweeter to produce enriched bass, but it also increases the volume of voice dialog. Overall, the Pioneer S-HF11C is an all-around capable home speaker that enhances the capability of any A/C
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Pioneer htp-2800 home theater system

PIONEER HOME THEATER IN A BOX KIT. If you get this system as a gift or at an 80% off sale then you will be getting a bargain; however, it is definitely not worth the manufacturers suggested retail price. Poor audio performance is inexcusable in a system that prices itself so high.