Pioneer SE-MJ71-S Steel Wheels Headphones on sale at Amazon

Well, it wouldn’t be another few days at Cybertheater without a report of some sort of deal on Amazon.

In this case, it is the Pioneer DJ-Inspired SE-MJ71-S Steel Wheels headphones. They have 40mm drivers which are good at generating 1,200 mW of input power, and create sound at 105 dB sensitivity.

This is good for deep pounding lows as well as crystal clear highs, and has that wonderful cups that remind one of the seventies. They remind me of the Signeo USA unveils Soul headphones by Ludacris, and they certainly look very cool.

Normally, one of these headphones cost a rocking $79.99, but Amazon has them for about $34.99. Granted, this offer isn’t going to be lasting too long, that’s for sure. This wouldn’t be the Deal of the Day if it did. You should probably hurry up and get in on this if it even remotely interests you.