Is Microsoft working on a combo of IPTV, Xbox 360, and Kinect with Project Orapa?

I try to report on rumors as little as possible, unless they can be backed up by at least some facts.

The fact is, Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV service is finally supported on the Xbox 360. This leads to a rise to an intriguing rumor that there will be a “Project Orapa” that combines Xbox Live, Kinect, and IPTV all in one.

I believe that the purpose would be to allow subscribers to Mediaroom powered IPTV servies like U-Verse will use the Kinect gesture and the voice recognition features. This ESPN3 already has that control of their TV experience, which would be giving Xbox users more content.

Well, this is an interesting rumor. I am not certain whether Project Orapa is a legit project or not. However, I remember one time when Project Natal was once a rumor. For those who don’t know, Project Natal eventually became the Kinect as of last June.