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LG Announces DM50D Passive 3D Monitor

LG has come forth today to show off one of their newest 3D monitors dubbed the DM50D. This monitor features passive 3D technology meaning you shouldn’t have a problem finding 3D glasses that will be compatible with the display.

MiLi announces their Pico Projector 2

The last time that we discussed MiLi, it had to do with the MiLi HD unveiled at CES 2011. Now, they have the Pico Projector 2. The Pico Projector 2 is apparently fifty percent slimmer than its former model, and its battery life has been extended to about 2.

Samsung announces 75 inch 3D LCD TV

. 3D TVs seem to get bigger and bigger, but they still carry the same drawbacks: you still need glasses. And you might get a headache after watching too much. That didn’t stop Samsung from launching their biggest 3D TV yet: the 75 inch behemoth called D9500.

Onkyo announces new home theater system

You know that a name like Onkyo will rarely put a foot wrong, and that is what they have just done with their latest bunch of releases for your living room, although we will only concentrate on one of them while putting thoughts of an upgraded mid-line AV receiver and an affordably-priced 3D Blu-Ray player
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Sharp announces three AQUOS 3D Blu-ray Players

Sharp has recently released the Aquos Quattron LE380 Series HDTVs, as well as a trio of 3D Blu-ray players, an event so cool that we reported on it twice. These new 3D-enabled Blu-ray players are AQUOS brand with the BD-HDW80, BD-HDW75, and the BD-HDW73.

BenQ Announces 6 Brand New 3D Projectors

BenQ has just come forth today to announce 6 brand new 3D projectors including the MX660, MS614, MS510, MX511, MX613ST and MS612ST. Unfortunately, along with the announcement BenQ did not date or price any of these projectors but they did give us a bit of insight into their specs.

Sharp Announces 3 New 3D Blu-ray Players

. Seeing how manufacturers across the board are hopping on the 3D display boat, it’s no surprise that a whole slew of different accessory manufacturers are doing the same. Today, Sharp has announced three brand new decently priced 3D Blu-ray players set for the market.

Sharp announces three new Blu-ray players

Sharp has been doing some great tricks like a 108 inch LCD TV these days, and they have just announced three new Blu-ray players the BD-HP75U, the BD-HP35U, and the BD-HP25U. As far as I can tell, they are pretty identical as far as their features are concerned.

LG Announces CF3D 1080p 3D Projector

LG has just come forth to announce one of their latest projectors dubbed the CF3D. If you’re really looking to deck out your home heather with one of the best projectors on the market then this very well may be it.