Marantz SACD Player released in Japan

Marantz has recently presented a new SACD player in Japan, which will become available for purchase in August 2010 with a price tag of approximately $1,120. Specification-wise the upcoming Marantz unit can playback CDs and MP3s, and comes with a USB port so you can easily connect it to a computer.

Denon DCD-1510AE CD/SACD Player

To ensure that you hear exactly how the original recording intended, Denon has introduced the DCD-1510AE CD/SACD player. The player features several unique technologies similar to that of higher-class DCD-2010AE, but available at an affordable price-point.

Marantz SA-13S2 SACD Player

Check the newest addition to the Marantz KI Signature Series of SACD players.Recently released in Japan, The Marantz SA-13S2 boasts a 440 x 419 x127 mm Off White body weighing 14.5Kg. The SACD player not only plays the Classic CDs but also supports the new age MP3 and WMA discs.

Pioneer PDX-Z10 SACD Player

Here is the latest SCAD player from Pioneer, the PDX-Z10. Equipped with Pioneer’s groundbreaking technology, the SACD player is also capable of playing CD/CD-R/CD-RW media. The player boasts convenient connectivity options in the form of USB ports and optional AS-BT100 Bluetooth Adaptor.

Teac SA-50 SACD/CD Player

Is money piling up in your bank account? Are you confused about how should you spend it? Do not worry because here is the solution to your problem! Teac Corporation Japan recently unveiled their new SA-50 Esoteric SACD and CD player.

Denon DCD-SX SACD Player

. The new Denon DCD-SX SACD Player will certainly transform your love for music to an undying passion for the same. The advanced player provides you the distortion-free original quality sound with the Advanced AL32 processing, Advanced ALPHA Processing, Ecad digital filter and the vibrating color.

Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD Player

Sony recently launched Super Audio CD player SCD-XA5400ES with exceptional voice quality and clarity. The 430mm wide, 124mm high and 390mm deep SACD player offers clean signal output with no distortion.