Denon DCD-SX SACD Player


The new Denon DCD-SX SACD Player will certainly transform your love for music to an undying passion for the same. The advanced player provides you the distortion-free original quality sound with the Advanced AL32 processing, Advanced ALPHA Processing, Ecad digital filter and the vibrating color. Even after weighing 26.4Kg, player consumes power only up to 30W. The distinguished player will cost you around 840,000 Yen.

For more technical information on its Cd section, see below-
-Signaling system-16 bits linear PCM
-Sampling frequency-44.1kHz
-signal-noise ratio-120dB
-Dynamic range-100dB
-Harmonic distortion factor-0.0015% (1kHz)
-Playback frequency range-2Hz – 20kHz

Via: Denon