Pioneers Latest Premium Amp, SACD Player, and FM Tuner Combo

Pioneer, a true pioneer is producing music devices, is in news again for expanding its range with the latest Premium Amplifiers, SACD Players and FM Tuner Combo. This new combo comprises of three separate elements and offers the users with a choice between 9MK2 and 6MK2 series.

The new 9MK2 Series comprises of Premium AMP-A-A9MK2 that includes 2×55W, USB Audio and PD-D9MK2 SACD Player with a Wolfson DAC and the F-F3MK2 AM/FM Tuner Radio.

The second series, 6MK2 comprises of Premium Amplifier A-A6MK2 that includes 2×45W and PD-D6MK2 SACD Player with a Texas Instrument DAC and F-F3MK2 AM/FM Tuner Radio.