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Lepai LP-808 Mini-Amplifier

Specifications: R.M.S: 15wpc x2 Channel: 2-channel Power supply: DC 12V 2A Size: 140 x 95 x 40mm (5.5 x 3.7 x 1.6 inch) Price: $24.95 There are times when all audio fans need a secondary amplifier to temporarily play music, but the thought of dragging a big old piece of gear is the last thing
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ADAM Audio A3X Active Closefield Monitors

The reality of many modern home/personal studios is that there’s not a lot of room for large speakers. With that in mind, ADAM Audio introduces the A3X closefield powered monitor ($299 each, street). The A3X is ADAM’s smallest speaker ever and the least expensive of their affordably priced product line, the AX Series.

Revel Ultima Studio2 Loudspeakers

Mama said you only get one chance to make a first impression. That is certainly true by Alan Silverman for a loudspeaker, and I expect I’ll never forget the startling experience of hearing Revel’s Ultima Studio2 loudspeakers in my mastering room for the first time. [For the uninitiated, Revel is a Harman-owned company alongside pro
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Electro-Voice ZXA1-90 Two-Way Loudspeaker

The E-V ZXA1-90 is a small (17.88 x 11.12 x 10.38 inches), amplified, two-way loudspeaker built for portable sound reinforcement applications, which utilizes the EV8L 8-inch woofer and the DH2005 1-inch exit compression driver, the latter of which is a titanium diaphragm tweeter coupled with a rotatable 90 x 50 degree waveguide.

KRK Systems R6 Reference Monitor Speaker

While almost driven to the brink of extinction by the overwhelming popularity of modern active (powered) nearfield studio monitors, passive (non-powered) models remain very useful mixing tools and the folks at KRK Systems, among other manufacturers, realize that. Thus KRK’s R6 Reference Monitor Speaker offers impressive performance at what I find is an incredible value
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Turbosound Milan M15 Powered Loudspeaker

West Sussex, U.K.-based Turbosound is not a company I can easily associate with portable PA products. The first thing I think of when I see Turbosound’s distinctive logo is Iron Maiden’s World Slavery Tour of 1984/1985 — one of the longest tours in rock ’n’ roll history — and its massive, incredible Turbosound rig. And
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Miniwatt S-1 Integrated Amplifier

Specifications: Power Output: 2.5W+2.5W @ 8 ohms Frequency Response: 30-20Khz (+-1db) Sensitivity = 500mV Gain = 18dB Residual Noise < 0.8mVac Output Impedance: 8 ohms (Japan Z11- EI48*24 Output Transformers) Input AC Voltage: 85-132Vac or 176-265Vac Dimensions: 130 x 100mm Weight: 1.5kg Input: RCA Jacks Output: Banana Jacks AC: Standard IEC Jack with Fuse protection
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