Signeo USA unveils Soul headphones by Ludacris

It must be a sign for a musician to have their own headphones. Whether you are 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, or Justin Bieber, you just have to have them. Now it is Ludacris’ turn. Like the headphones of 50 Cent, this was shown off at CES, but no price was announced. Fortunately, there is now word.

The SL300 some detachable cords and an in-line remote with padded ear cups and breathable headband pad for $299. It is similar to the SL150, and costs about $199. A lighter version of padded headphones is the SL100 for about $149.

There is also some earbuds available. They have a hard protective case and tangle resistant cables, along with gold plated connectors. That is the SL99 for about $99, and there is a similar model known as the SL49 that cost about $69.

I believe that all of these models should be available for purchase at the aforementioned prices on the Soul website.