Pioneer BDR-206MBK BDXL Writer Now Available for $200

Are Blu-ray discs just not enough to hold all of your movies and other data? Well normally you’d be out of luck but today seems your lucky day. Pioneer has just announced that they are now shipping their BDR-206MBK BDXL writer for $200. If you’re not aware, a BD-XL disc is capable of storing as much as 128GB of content – pretty incredible since it’s no larger than a normal Blu-ray.

Of course it’s also going tob e able to burn standard BD-R, DVD-R and CD-R discs so you shouldn’t have a problem with backwards compatibility. What may give you a problem, however, is the price of these BD-R XL discs which go for $100 a pop. Luckily, Pioneer has been nice enoguh to include a single 100GB BD-R XL disc with the purchase of this writer so at least you’ll have something to do with it, right?

via hughsnews