Pioneer htp-2800 home theater system



If you get this system as a gift or at an 80% off sale then you will be getting a bargain; however, it is definitely not worth the manufacturers suggested retail price. Poor audio performance is inexcusable in a system that prices itself so high.

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The Pioneer HTP-2800: Over Priced and Under Powered

Definitely not worth the MSRP, only a viable option when on sale.

Traditionally I do not use home theater kits, they often incorporate inexpensive cheaply made components that do not perform well. So I was moderately intrigued by the latest selection from Pioneer, the HTP-2800 kit. I figured that at this price it at least had to be better than the $50 one I can pick up from the local mega mart while keeping the convenient features associated with home theater kits.

Setup was easy enough, it took about an hour and was pretty much what you would expect when setting up a home theater package. Detailed instructions clearly laid out all the steps in plain language (a nice departure from the often cryptic instructions included in some kits), and the supplied cables are long enough to accommodate an average sized living room. So far, the Pioneer is only gaining my favor.

Sadly, the easy setup was not a harbinger of things to come. It’s not that the Pioneer’s audio was horrible, it just left me underwhelmed like so many other home theater kits. The speakers preformed only average, and the subwoofer had serious issues. Setting the subwoofer to anything but the lowest setting introduced distortion, and setting the other speakers to anything louder then about mid volume produced distortion as well, making this system completely inadequate for anything larger than a studio apartment or small bedroom. So sad, especially when you think about how this is coming from Pioneer.

A feature that originally attracted me to the Pioneer, its aux input for an mp3 player, also ended up disappointing me. Somehow, the audio produced from the aux input sounds different from audio produced from other inputs and sadly for the Pioneer, this is not an improvement because aux input audio sounded flat and hollow.

Unless you can find the Pioneer HTP-2800 Home Theater System at a deep discount this would be a definite pass. It is not much better than the $100 big box brand home theater kits out there, but it costs nearly triple the cash.

Technical Info:

Output Wattage: 860

Included Components: AV receiver, Speaker system

Dvd type: None

Audio output mode: Surround Sound

Audio output type: None

Dialog Enhancement: Yes

Component type: Home theater system

Built-in 6-Channel Amplifier: Yes

Built in decoders: Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS 96/24, Dolby Digital, DTS decoder

Remote control description:Universal remote control

Optical digital input: Yes

Coaxial digital input: Yes

Audio input: None

Headphones jack: Yes

Mini disc system: None

Tuner technology: Digital

Turntable type: None

Radio bands supported: AM/FM

Cd system type: None

Cassette system type: None

MSRP: $300

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