Warpia Wireless USB Adapter Set for PC to HDTV Displays and Projectors

Sources R&D has launched wireless adapter set that allows people to view PC contents on TVs, monitors and projectors. The Wireless USB Display Adapter, to be distributed under the Warpia brand, allows users to view video, Internet content and pictures from their computer on monitors and HDTV displays without the hassle of extra cables.

The Warpia Wireless USB Adapter Set features VGA and HDMI connectivity options and supports up to 1400×1050 screen resolution. It provides a wireless range of up to 30 feet (in the same room). The set is expected to be available in retail stores in May at an MSRP of $129-$149 USD.

“The Wireless USB Display Adapter Set is the most innovative, low cost and high performance solution in the market today,” noted David Yaish, Wisair president and CEO. “We are pleased to cooperate with Source R&D, and will continue offering high performance solutions to enable the introduction of affordable, best-in-class Wireless USB products.”

The Warpia Wireless USB Adapter Set was launched last week at the Retail Vision event in Florida, April 27-30.

(Source) Press