Mitsubishis new 23-inch IPS 3D Display

It would appear that Mitsubishi is doing some interesting things with some Blu-ray players, the 5? WVGA color TFT LCD module, and the HC9000D 3D Home Theater Projector. Now there has been a Mitsubishi display, which is for the desktop and presumably for the home theater, maybe.

This is Mitsubishi’s IPS 3D LED backlit display that has 23-inches, and has Full HD resolution, 178 degree viewing angles, as well as a 3.8 millisecond response time from a 39 millimeter screen.

There is also content through the RDT23WX-3D through a DVI-D connector, two HDMI 1.4 ports, and D5 connections, and then there are passive 3D glasses. This should be an interesting way to complement your desktop, for those that desire some interesting IPS 3D action.

The Mitsubishi 23-inch LED backlit IPS 3D display should be out in Japan for an undisclosed price, but I do have the date, as it is May 30th. No word if it is coming to the States or Europe, or such.