Nintendos Project Cafe Wii 2 controller revealed in mock-up

By now, you have probably heard about how the Nintendo Wii is getting a successor, and how it will be in HD, and it looks like the controller is also undergoing a change. This controller which has been given a code name of “Project Cafe”, is shown in mock-up after the jump.


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stated that he has changed the controller “without throwing away buttons and the directional pad”. The rumor is that the Wii 2 controller will have eight buttons.

Personally, I think this “Project Cafe” resembles a PS3 remote, but someone has just added a touchscreen. Too pad that Nintendo couldn’t figure out a way of putting a smartphone dock into the controller. Man, then it could sync up with your contacts, videos, photos, and…dang it, is someone else making a note of this?

I suppose we’ll see if this really is what “Project Cafe” will be like. I hope to catch a glimpse of it at E3 2011 this year in LA.