Apple Developing New Glasses Free 3D Display Technology?

Apple is quite the innovative company with just about every one of their products going on to define whatever market they are released into. This has been the case with the iPod and later the iPhone and iPad. Due to their near flawless track record (besides a few minor quirks) it makes you wonder what the company will come up with next.

Well, while it hasn’t been confirmed, recent reports suggest that they may be working on glasses free 3D displays. However, it seems that this isn’t just the current glasses-free 3D display technology but instead brand new technology. According to these reports displays of this kind will range from 3.5-inches all the way up to 32-inches. Of course, this is far from confirmed but perhaps Apple is looking to create a 3D HDTV rather than juts a normal HDTV has previously reported.

Whatever Apple comes up with next it’s sure to be huge so stick around as we uncover more details.