LG introduces 47 inch transparent LCD-IPS displays

Some of you might remember the other day when we reported that Samsung is planning on mass producing some 22-inch panel TVs that are transparent. I don’t think that LG is really stealing a page from the Samsung playbook, but they do have a similar product that is transparent like their 15-inch AMOLED display.

They are showing off their IPS displays, which have the same resolution as the iPhone 4 at full HD (1920 x 1080), but with a larger screen at 47 inches. The most interesting thing is that this is a full touchscreen.

Apparently, this see-through screen was the product of a previous screen that was used only in shopping malls or digital signage.

So what does this LG 47-inch transparent screen mean? It means that the transparent screen is about to hit home with the HDTV market, baby. Yeah, you think you’re all that because you got 3D on your TV? Well, the Jones are planning on getting a transparent screen, so you are going to have to upgrade if you want to keep up with them, baby.