Netflix will stream Miramax movies starting next month

By now, you have probably heard that Miramax film studios, makers of such classic films as Pulp Fiction, The English Patient, and other classic indie flicks went bankrupt.

We have also reported that Miramax might be coming to Hulu, YouTube, or Netflix. It was all just rumors and speculation, really.

I am pleased to report that there is now something real to these rumors, and Netflix has just signed a multi-year agreement to allow streaming of the Miramax’s opus. These films will be added to the Netflix Watch Instantly catalog on a rotating basis, which will be the first time that Miramax’s films have been available on a digital subscription service.

The specifics for the Netflix/Miramax deal was for about five years, and it cost Netflix $100 million dollars. If you want to see these films for yourself, and you are a Netflix subscriber, look for it sometime in June. I don’t have an exact date for that.