3M Uniformity Tape to reduce stage lighting or headlighting

We always like to cover whatever 3M is doing with anything that is home theater related. For example, when they did that 10 point touchscreen at CeBIT and the Easy-Adjust Notebook Projector that was Amazon’s Deal of the Day.

This next product is designed for a problem that I don’t think I have, but it is reported, apparently. The problem is that some lower priced LCD monitors have this weird stage lighting effect that you can see on the monitor on the left in the photo on the right.

For those that have that problem, 3M has that solution with some tape that is printed with “micro-replicated optical pattern” that helps “spread the light better, allowing for fewer LEDs and counteracting the stage light effect”, also known as the headlighting effect.

This is about all the information that my Source tells me about this 3M project. In other words, I don’t have a price for riding your screen of that particular problem.