Libox allows users to access media files, from anywhere

I think we all know that the future of home theater viewing means downloading digital files from the cloud instead of popping in discs.

This is where a new software and service called Libox comes in. This is what my Source has to say about it:

Libox serves to aggregate your media files from various drives and devices (though at this time, it doesn’t bring in content you may have stored with other services such as Facebook). The difference with Libox is that it doesn’t actually upload your media files to the cloud. Instead, the service sniffs out the content stored on your computer, designated networked drives, and connected devices and creates a marker to their location. So it doesn’t actually move or copy any files; rather, it offers a path through which you can access media. There are three ways to do this: via the desktop software, by logging on to the Web portal, or by using the corresponding mobile app (currently available for iOS only, but coming to Android in the near future).

I wouldn’t mind trying this for myself, actually.