Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Easy Button

Today’s sweet home theater setup has a lot going for it, but the biggest shock in this one isn’t the components–it’s the one button operation that gets the whole process fired up.

And it’s been hooked to a Staples Easy Button.

Yes, that’s right–to fire up this home theater setup, all you have to do is walk in the room and press the easy button to get it all started.  See, they pulled the guts out of it and replaced it with a Lutron remote.

But what all are we starting with that easy button, you wonder?  Well, how about a Kaleidoscape media server?  How about a collection of televisions and speaker systems?  How about color-selectible interior lighting?

And all of it patched to one single easy button.  I don’t know about you, folks, but that definitely sounds like a sweet home theater setup to me.  Sounds like a sweet HOUSE theater setup to me.

And wow…was that ever easy.