Sweet Home Theater Setup – Retro Paradiso

You know…I thought I was bad that I actually still owned a tube television.  I thought I was deeply mired in a forgotten system (though don’t revoke my technocrat’s membership card yet, folks–it’s got sentimental value.  I’ve owned it for about twenty years and it still works.).  But now I’ve seen most everything when I saw today’s sweet home theater setup that I’m calling the Retro Paradiso.

There’s not going to be a huge tech package listing in this one because the setup is so profoundly retro.  How retro, you ask?  Try a video wall comprised of EIGHTEEN TUBE TELEVISIONS.

No, seriously.  Eighteen tube TVs.  Look carefully at that picture and you’ll even see an old reel to reel tape player / recorder.  It’s unfathomable. There’s also a Draper filmscreen, Sony projector and JBL speakers in there, just to round things out, because as we all know, eighteen TVs by themselves is just utterly meaningless without a filmscreen in there to round it out.

This is owned by the former president of NBA Television, Ed Desser, who believed that more was better so that he could see what was on every major network all at once and just went on from there.  But despite the fact that most of the technology is pretty well obsolete, it probably still works well, and just goes to show it takes all kinds to make a sweet home theater setup.