Sweet Home Theater Setups – Extreme Low Budget

You’ve got to love the sheer grit and determination of any person who would take to the YouTube airwaves and announce his plans to construct “an extreme low budget home theater setup”.  And it’s that kind of sheer can-do spirit that we’re going to be celebrating today by declaring his extreme low budget setup a sweet one.

He’s actually planning to do a repaint on the room, as the current colors give off too much reflected light.  Remember, the universally recognized “best” color for contrast is chocolate brown.

What kind of equipment goes into an extreme low budget setup, you wonder?  He’s got a Sanyo projector in there, and an Insignia 5.1 surround sound receiver.  A homemade screen made from fiberboard and Behr’s “Silverscreen” paint provides seventy two inches of viewing area.

As further cost savings, not only is he planning to use his “vintage” stereo speakers, he also means to make the subwoofer himself.

There’s no doubt that this already looks like a sweet home theater setup, and by the time he’s done with it it likely will be even sweeter.  Remember, folks–it’s not the cost of the components that counts, but how they make your movies look, sound and feel that really makes a home theater setup sweet.