Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Importance Of A Projector

So I was reading an article today in Electronic House that I had to pass on to you, but it seems more and more like the new standard in sweet home theater setups is NOT the LCD television, or the plasma television or even the LED television–the new standard is the projector.

We’ve seen the difference here, many times, many ways–the home theater with the sixty five inch television just doesn’t have the same kind of majesty as the home theater with the hundred and ten inch projector screen.  And as we’ve all see from numerous trials, there’s no real loss of resolution between the projector and the television.

And like the home theater you see above, the centerpiece is the projector.  This particular homeowner replaced a big box television with an InFocus projector and Da-Lite screen, along with a Denon receiver and Triad speakers.

Indeed, it’s the projector that makes a home theater sweet these days.  And considering that projectors can be had for less than their big screen counterparts, it’s not a terrible idea to consider picking one up.  it might help your home theater be as sweet as it can be.