Totem Acoustic Forest Towers review

Totem Acoustic Forest Towers

We Open in Montreal, Canada… ….where for the past twenty years, Totem Acoustic has been crafting high quality loudspeakers that […]

Totem Acoustic Storm Sub-Woofer

Totem Acoustic Storm Subwoofer

Specifications: Freq. Response: 26 Hz to 350 Hz (in room). Amplification: 300 watts. Specially designed low noise/distortion unit. Driver: 20cm […]

Totem Rainmakers front

Totem Rainmaker

 Specifications Frequency Response: 42 Hz -20 kHz ± 3 dB Impedance: 4 ohms minimal Sensitivity: 87.5 dB/W/m. Maximum sound pressure […]

Music hall 25.2 CD player

Music Hall cd25.2 CD Player

Twenty-two years ago I bought my first cd player, it was a Fisher, its claim to fame, a Yamaha chip. […]

Totem Beaks

Totem Beaks

Tweaking by definition is a quest to find the absolute final missing increment of quality sound that can be wrung […]

Totem Mite Speakers black finish

Totem MITE Speakers

Specifications: 50 Hz – 20 kHz ± 3dB with correct positioning Impedance: 8 ohms Sensitivity: 87 dB/W/m. Maximum sound pressure […]