Emotiva ERC-1

Emotiva ERC-1 Compact Disc Player

Specifications: Output voltage: 1V rms (7V peak) Channel separation: ≥95dB – ref. 1kHz Frequency response: 0-20Khz (+/- 0.1 db) S/N: […]

Emotiva Loudspeaker

Emotiva ERM-1 and ERD-1 Loudspeakers

Specifications: ERM-1 Speaker type: Sealed MTM Bookshelf Frequency Range: 80-20Khz +/-2db Sensitivity: 89dB Dimensions: 13.5”h X 7.75”w X 9.5”d Woofer: 2 – […]

Emotiva UPA-02 Stereo Amplifier

Emotiva UPA-02 Amp The Emotiva UPA-02 Stereo Amplifier is a dynamic, high current Class A/B amplifier with a rather modest […]