Emotiva UPA-02 Stereo Amplifier

Emotiva UPA-02 Amp

The Emotiva UPA-02 Stereo Amplifier is a dynamic, high current Class A/B amplifier with a rather modest price tag. Its hi-tech feature set makes it flexible enough for multiple applications. Inside the 2RU chassis are two of the same amp modules used in the UPA-7. They are horizontally mounted and driven by a high-current toroid transformer power supply. The UPA-02 is a reference level two channel power amplifier. Ideal as a stand-alone stereo amp, as a building block in a growing system, or as a zone amp.

Power output:
• 8 Ohms = 125 watts RMS per channel (2)

• 4 Ohms = 185 watts RMS per channel (2)

• Frequency Response: +/- 0.1 db: 20 to 20Khz

• Broadband Frequency Response: -3db 10hz – 150khz

Retails for around $299