Natalie Merchant – ‘Tigerlily’ A DVD-Audio review by Nicholas D. Satullo

Tigerlily’ was one of the first DVD-Audio discs that flipped the format switch for me. I recall being pleased and impressed by it, to the extent that it became a disc played repetitively, for days, even weeks. read more…

The Larry Goldings Trio – ‘Moonbird’ A DVD-Audio review by Nigel Pond

I first came across Hi-Res Music at CES 2002, where they were sharing a stand with AIX Records (see this page from the SMR Group’s CES 2002 report). After explaining the concept of this website to him, their representative was more than happy to part with a few review samples including the disc that is the subject of this review. read more…

Eric Clapton and B.B. King – ‘Riding with the King’ A DVD-Audio review by Brett Rudolph

Riding with the King’ is an album about harmony and synergy between two different but yet extremely similar artists, friends and contemporaries B.B. King and Eric Clapton. It’s an album that allows the listener to experience the bonds that tie them together and understand just how much respect both artists have for one another. read more…

DVD-Audio 2002: Warner Music Group Overview

DVD-Audio 2002: Craig Anderson of the Warner Music Group, representing Warner Bros, Atlantic and Elektra labels didn’t have far to travel in order to attend the DVD-Audio 2002 presentation as the Warner Bros. lot is literally on the other side of the street from Dolby Labs. Burbank offices. He gave High Fidelity Review an overview of their activities during the remainder of the year. read more…

CEDIA 2002: High-Resolution Format Promoters Missing in Action

Minneapolis—Was CEDIA an opportunity lost for promoters of DVD-Audio and SACD? Last week, while waiting at the airport for my flight out to the Expo 2002 trade show for the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), I came across the owner of a local high-end Audio/Video sales and installation store. read more…

DVD-AR (Recordable DVD-Audio) Specifications

Exclusive: DVD-AR, recordable DVD-Audio, is on its way, the details of which have been exclusively revealed to HighFidelityReview by DVD Forum WG-4 chairman Bike H. Suzuki (JVC).

The DVD-AR format enables users to record, edit and replay a wide variety of audio content on writable discs. The main purpose of the format is to realise high-quality recording using Linear PCM and/or Packed PCM (using MLP), together with ‘long-time’ recording using any one of six lossy CODECs. In addition to audio contents, DVD-AR allows the user to store still pictures and text, just like DVD-Audio. read more…

Texas Instruments Digital Interface for DVD-Audio and SACD

A digital interface for DVD-Audio and SACD moved a step closer with the announcement of an integrated IEEE-1394 (Firewire) device from Texas Instruments.

The TSB43CA43A device, known as the iceLynx Micro interface, is a second-generation solution that allows the transmission of high-resolution DVD-Audio and/or SACD audio data from transport to processor or receiver. While there are already a number of proprietary solutions from manufacturers such as Sharp, Meridian and Audionet, the TI interface enables hardware producers to use a standardised, bundled solution and most importantly, one that is able to convey CPPM material (content that has been stored using the Content Protection for Pre-Recorded Media scheme). read more…

Creative Announce $130 DVD-Audio Capable Soundcard

Creative have announced a $130 PC soundcard that’ll bring DVD-Audio playback to all DVD-ROM drives. The Audigy 2 includes THX certification, 24-bit 192kHz D/A converters and Dolby Digital EX processing.

The Audigy 2 card will be available in two versions, the standard version includes one IEEE-1394 port, whereas the $200 Platinum version adds a second to its front-facing (drive bay) interface.

Although the Audigy 2 boasts a signal-to-noise ratio of 106dB, based on previous Creative cards performance is unlikely to be on a par with an ‘audiophile’ stand-alone DVD-Audio player (although we’ll reserve final judgement until hearing a sample). It will however, be superior to the lossy DVD-Video layer formats, Dolby Digital and DTS. read more…

‘Rumor and Sigh’ A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson

‘Rumor and Sigh’ A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson

The first batch of long-awaited EMI DVD-Audio discs, released at the end of July, included one of the most talked-about and original albums of the early 1990s, Richard Thompson’s ‘Rumor and Sigh’, produced by the legendary Mitchell Froom. read more…

Apex to offer exchange of existing AD-7701s

Apex Digital has confirmed to High Fidelity Review that, because of performance problems, it will be offering to exchange existing AD-7701 units for a new model. The replacement option is expected to be available by the end of 2002. read more…

MDG Bring Loss-less Multi-channel to DVD-Video

MDG Bring Loss-less Multi-channel to DVD-Video

MDG are to release a DVD-Audio disc with loss-less, multi-channel DVD-Video compatible content. This groundbreaking move affords high-resolution audio for those with DVD-Audio players and owners of multi-channel DVD-Video machines.

The Orchester der Beethovenhalle Halle, Bonn (the location of the first Deutsche Bundestag), under conductor Marc Soustrot performs three important French impressionism orchestral works: Debussy’s ‘Prélude à l’après-midi d’une faune’ together with Ravel’s ‘Ma mère l’oye’ and ‘La valse’. The disc also includes the rarely performed symphonic fragments from Debussy’s ‘Le martyre de Saint Sébastien’.

Werner Dabringhaus of MDG spoke exclusively to High Fidelity Review:

“The performances were recorded in the natural acoustics of the Beethoven Halle in Bonn and we optimised the acoustics there by putting away all of the auditorium’s chairs (where the audience would usually sit) resulting in much better reflections from the wooden floor, which we then recorded separately as part of the disc’s surround ambiance.”


As has been the case with all previous MDG releases, the disc is presented using the company’s own ‘2+2+2’ recording scheme, which is compatible with stereo, conventional 3/2.1 multi-channel or an optimised 2+2+2 installation, complete with height channels. The DVD-Audio layer is presented as 96kHz 24-bit.

Werner explained:

“The orchestra was situated on the stage, and whilst listening to the disc you will clearly hear the original positions and dynamics of all instruments, including the original elevation of the wind and brass sections on their correspondent higher platforms.”

MDG were also careful not to alter the dynamic range of the music,

“…the first tracks have a very low dynamic in the score so you really hear the original dynamics of the orchestra and appreciate the big crescendos upon the disc, especially when you come to the ‘La Valse’ ending.”

Together with the loss-less MLP track, as is the case with most DVD-Audio discs and all MDG’s previous releases, ‘Debussy/ Ravel: Orchestral Works’ contains a backward-compatible Dolby Digital track so that the disc can be enjoyed in all DVD-Video players, but also included is a second, uncompressed loss-less layer containing six channels of 48kHz 20-bit PCM. This means that anyone with a DVD-Video player containing an integral multi-channel decoder (normally used for Dolby Digital or DTS playback) can enjoy the title without the need for lossy compression.

Werner is clearly excited by this unusual and innovative move;

“Now you are no longer condemned to inferior Dolby Digital fidelity when using a DVD-Video player. Uff – what a difference.”


For those with multi-channel DVD-Video players, simply pressing the ‘audio’ button on the remote control will switch from the lossy Dolby Digital track to the loss-less PCM.

“With this new playback option, we achieve the widest possible compatibility from DVD-Audio, which now can be replayed on every DVD-Audio and DVD-Video player, or even every SACD/DVD-Video player (be it in stereo, 5.1 or in 2+2+2) in the best quality linear PCM the platform is able to provide.”

‘Debussy/ Ravel: Orchestral Works’ has a running time of sixty-four minutes and is catalogue number MDG 937 1099-5. The DVD-Audio version will be available soon and the performances can also be ordered as a two-channel 44.1kHz 16-bit Compact Disc, MDG 337 1099-2.

Debussy Ravel: Orchestral Works

Debussy/ Ravel: Orchestral Works, catalogue number MDG 937 1099-5

Hi Res Musics 96/24 two-channel DVD Audio discs

Hi Res Music are very excited to announce the release of Freddy King’s Texas Cannonball, one of this blues master’s finest releases. This DVD Audio contains seven additional tracks taken from the original session. read more…

Graham Nash – ‘Songs for Survivors’  A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson

Graham Nash – ‘Songs for Survivors’ A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson

Who could doubt Graham Nash’s popular music pedigree; as member of the Hollies and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, his singer/song writing talents are amongst the most recognised of all male vocalists.

For ‘Songs for Survivors’ his fifth solo project and his first since 1986, Nash moves back towards his English musical roots, although the album’s strongest influences are undoubtedly country and rock. read more…

Various Artists – ‘Sonic Boom’ A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson

On September 24th, Denon Classics will release their first three DVD-Audio discs; one of which is a collection of classical music excerpts, jazz tracks and set-up material entitled ‘Sonic Boom’. read more…


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