DVD-Audio Council Members Announce Seventy New Titles by Year End

In a press statement, the DVD-Audio council has today announced its members will release seventy new titles on the format before year-end. Yes, you read that right. Not seven or seventeen, but seventy!

DVD-Audio Council participants include: Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, BMG, J Records, Silverline Records, Arista Records, The Atlantic Group, Elektra Entertainment Group, Capitol, Warner Music Latina, Virgin, Angel/Blue Note, EMI Latina, Rhino, 5.1 Entertainment Group, RCA, Reprise, Geffen Records, Interscope, A&M, Island Def Jam Music Group, Lost Highway Records, Mercury, MCA Nashville, Motown Records, Universal Classics, Universal Records, Universal Music Enterprises, Universal Music Latino, Verve Music Group, Warner Bros. Records., Myutopia Recordings, AIX Records, DTS Entertainment and EMI Recorded Music.

Non-label members include Meridian Audio, Dolby Laboratories and Panasonic (MEI). The DVD-Audio Council serves as a complete resource for all press, technical and marketing information related to the DVD-Audio format in the United States and Europe. The council’s mission is to educate hardware and software retailers to the benefits and features of DVD-Audio while simultaneously promoting consumer awareness of this evolutionary format.

According to the DVD-Audio council, all the forthcoming releases feature 5.1 multi-channel tracks as well as video and concert footage, artist interviews, on-screen displays of lyrics, liner notes, menus, photo galleries, and web enabled capabilities.

The statement continues: “The DVD-Audio format is fast becoming the next dominant packaged music format and the future successor to compact disc. Exponential sales of DVD products, sustained consumer interest in all aspects of the DVD format including on-screen bonus features and rapidly increasing awareness of the benefits of surround sound and multi-channel music are driving interest in this value added, feature laden format. DVD-Audio provides the most significant audio enhancements to packaged music delivery.

Future releases (including those going on general release today) include:

October 28th

  1. R.E.M. – ‘In Time Best of R.E.M.’ – Warner Brothers Records
  2. Rat Pack – ‘Live And Swingin’: The Rat Pack Live At The Villa Venice’ – Reprise

November 4th

  1. Stephanie Osborne – ‘Victorian Christmas’ – Silverline Records
  2. Queensrяche – ‘Tribe’ – Silverline Records
  3. Everclear – ‘So Much For The Afterglow’ – DTS Entertainment
  4. Medeski, Martin and Wood – ‘Uninvisible’ – DTS Entertainment
  5. Kitaro – ‘Best of Silk Road’ – Domo Records
  6. Osiris – ‘Out of Order’ – Myutopia Recordings

November 18th

  1. Luther Vandross – ‘Dance With My Father’ – J Records
  2. Wyclef Jean – ‘The Preacher’s Son’ – J Records
  3. Rod Stewart – ‘It Had To Be You… The Great American Songbook’ – J Records
  4. Foo Fighters – ‘One By One’ – RCA
  5. Carl Perkins – ‘Jet Propelled’ – Silverline Records
  6. Living Colour – ‘Collideoscope’ – Silverline Records
  7. The Mavericks – ‘The Mavericks’ – Silverline Records
  8. Robert Cray Band – ‘Time Will Tell’ – Silverline Records
  9. Claudio Abbado – ‘Beethoven: Symphony Nos. 1 and 2’ – Universal Music Group
  10. Claudio Abbado – ‘Beethoven: Symphony Nos. 3 and 8’ – Universal Music Group
  11. Claudio Abbado – ‘Beethoven: Symphony Nos. 4 and 7’ – Universal Music Group
  12. Claudio Abbado – ‘Beethoven: Symphony Nos. 5 and 6’ – Universal Music Group
  13. Claudio Abbado – ‘Beethoven: Symphony No.9’ – Universal Music Group
  14. Ryan Adams – ‘Gold’ – Universal Music Group
  15. Celcilia Bartoli – ‘The Vivaldi Album’ – Universal Music Group
  16. Riccardo Chailly – ‘Mahler 8th Symphony’ – Universal Music Group
  17. Renee Fleming – ‘Renee Fleming’ – Universal Music Group
  18. Valery Gergiev – ‘Tchaikovsky: 6th Symphony’ – Universal Music Group
  19. Diana Krall – ‘The Look of Love’ – Universal Music Group
  20. Diana Krall – ‘When I Look in Your Eyes’ – Universal Music Group
  21. Christian Thielemann – ‘Orff: Carmina Burana’ – Universal Music Group
  22. Flaming Lips – ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’ – Warner Brothers Records
  23. The Dale Spalding Band – ‘Downtown’ – AIX Records
  24. Calamari – ‘Looking Up’ – AIX Records
  25. Ian Whitcomb – ‘Turned On Alley’ – AIX Records
  26. Cell One: Poet Named Life – ‘Poet Name Life presents The Sound Proof Wall’ – Myutopia Recordings
  27. Cell Two: Motiv8 – ‘From Hip Hop to Drum and Bass’ – Myutopia Recordings
  28. Cell Three: Daddy Kev – ‘Penchant for Bug*ery’ – Myutopia Recordings
  29. Cell Four: Correctional Facilities – ‘Correctional Facilities’ – Myutopia Recordings
  30. Cell Five: The Grouch – ‘My Baddest B*tches’ – Myutopia Recordings
  31. Cell Six: The Secret – ‘Feel It All The Time’ – Myutopia Recordings
  32. Cell Seven – ‘Camarillo Blues Triangle’ – Myutopia Recordings
  33. Cell Eight – ‘DJ Haul and Mason’ – Myutopia Recordings
  34. Cell Nine: RF – ‘Inferno’ – Myutopia Recordings
  35. Sound In Color presents – ‘MU.SIC Pixelated Pulse’ – Myutopia Recordings

November 25th

  1. Santana – ‘Supernatural’ – Arista Records
  2. Santana – ‘Shaman’ – Arista Records
  3. Outkast – ‘Stankonia’ – Arista Records
  4. Usher – ‘8701’ – Arista Records

December 2nd

  1. Alicia Keys – ‘Songs In A Minor’ – J Records
  2. Grant Geissman Quintet – ‘There and Back Again’ – AIX Records
  3. Steve Huffsteter Big Band – ‘Gathered Around’ – AIX Records

December 9th

  1. Blues Traveler – ‘Truth Be Told’ – Silverline Records
  2. Steve Forbert – ‘From The Front Row… Live!’ – Silverline Records
  3. Teddy Pendergrass – ‘From The Front Row… Live!’ – Silverline Records
  4. Neil Young – ‘American Stars N Bars’ – Warner Brothers Records
  5. Neil Young – ‘Greendale’ – Warner Brothers Records
  6. Neil Young – ‘Hawks And Doves’ – Warner Brothers Records
  7. Neil Young – ‘On the Beach’ – Warner Brothers Records
  8. Neil Young – ‘Re-act-or’ – Warner Brothers Records

December 16th

  1. Peter Frampton – ‘Frampton Comes Alive! ’ – Universal Music Group
  2. Steely Dan – ‘Gaucho’ – Universal Music Group
  3. George Strait – ‘Honkytonkville’ – Universal Music Group
  4. Shania Twain – ‘Up!’ – Universal Music Group

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