Cambridge SoundWorks Introduce Four DVD-Audio Systems

Cambridge SoundWorks have announced DVD-Audio and Pro Logic II as headline additions to their MegaTheater home-theater-in-a-box line of products. This will enable consumers on tightly restricted budgets, to enjoy multi-channel high-resolution audio for an outlay as little as $550 for the entry-level MegaTheater 505 system.

The press release from Cambridge SoundWorks, the audio division of Creative Technology Ltd., is as follows:

Featuring a new DVD/tuner console, the MegaTheater AVS550, MegaTheater packages now include DVD-Audio playback. The added DVD-Audio capability allows users to enjoy the rapidly growing selection of high-resolution, ultra high-fidelity DVD-Audio discs in 5.1 surround or ultra high-fidelity (24bit/192kHz) stereo. Dolby ProLogic II decoding has also been added to further enhance surround sound performance.

The MegaTheater AVS550 also features functionality for CD, VCD, JPEG and MP3 playback, as well as a digital AM/FM stereo tuner with 20AM/20FM presets.

When we introduced MegaTheater last year, it became one of our most popular sellers, as well as one of our most positively reviewed lines,” said Michael Sullivan, president of Cambridge SoundWorks. “Our added features truly offers users the best in-home ‘movie theater’ experience from a Home Theater in-a-Box offering in this price range.

S-Video inputs have been added to the AVS550 to enable users to hook up additional sources, while also offering improved picture quality. The new unit has both optical and coaxial digital inputs, allowing up to two digital sources to be connected. Also, the sleek, platinum-tone DVD/tuner console has been reduced in size.

MegaTheater packages include a front panel headphone jack with separate volume control, progressive scan component video outputs and a multi-source learning IR remote control.

Cambridge SoundWorks’ MegaTheater line delivers the simplicity and compact size of all-in-one systems, while also providing a level of flexibility and performance normally found in larger, higher-priced, more complicated component systems.

Each ready-to-go MegaTheater system matches the AVS550 DVD/tuner console with a 450-watt BASH® digital hybrid amplifier system. These are paired with ultra high-quality speakers from Cambridge SoundWorks’ Newton Series™. The four systems vary in that they use different grades of main, center and surround speakers, such as smaller MC50s at the entry level to the high performance MC300s and S300s at the ultrahigh-end.

The Cambridge SoundWorks MegaTheater line is available directly at Cambridge SoundWorks’ retail locations, on the Internet directly from Cambridge Soundworks (link below) or by calling 1-800-FOR-HIFI. The line is also available at Fry’s Electronics, J&R Music and Computer World and

Prices in US dollars as follows:

MegaTheater 505: $549.99
MegaTheater 510: $749.99
MegaTheater 520: $949.99
MegaTheater 530: $1,149.99