UltraLink UCube Speakers are USB powered

I have been seeing a lot of speakers that are designed for laptops lately. Remember those Cubik Speakers from Palo Alto Audio Labs. This is the UltraLink UCube speakers, and they run off USB power.

Like the Cubik speakers, they are cube-shaped. They are 3.25 inch ones that have a 15 watt output and 170-degree listening angles.

Another feature is that it has DSP-controlled power supplies that can “store energy during quite passages”. This is another one of those features that I just don’t understand. I suppose that for anyone who wants some interesting speakers for their laptop or desktop should be able to get in on this action.

They don’t seem to be designed for a home theater, though. However, it can really sound pretty loud, I would imagine. You should be able to get them for about $150 per pair of the Ultralink UCube speakers. It looks like they come in many colors.