Hulu Plus is on TiVo Premiere

It seems like Hulu Plus is trying to put themselves on a lot of platforms, it is on Xbox 360, and it will probably come to the BlackBerry Playbook. TiVo has recently announced that “Hulu Plus T is available via subscription* to TiVo® subscribers with retail TiVo Premiere boxes”.

To celebrate this momentous event, TiVo and Hulu is planning on giving six months of free Hulu Plus service to those who purchase new TiVo Premiere DVRs. Existing TiVo Premiere customers are able to get a free trial version of Hulu Plus.

I suppose that TiVo is now looking at being the one-box solution for integrating all of the programming with all of its terrific DVR features. They alreay got Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and Blockbuster.

So, I suppose that TiVo, a name that used to be synonymous with all things DVR, is really taking content on a fast track. Do we even need to see what’s on TV anymore?