The Dark Knight on Blu-ray looks pretty serious in UK

Even with the current economy situation, it seems that people in the UK aren’t letting that stop them from purchasing their favorite high-def movies.

Well, following The Dark Knight’s UK DVD and Blu-ray release (which happened yesterday), Pocket-lint has gotten word of the sales numbers. Apparently, with Blu-ray and DVD combined, the movie managed to push half a million copies, (513,000 to be a bit more precise). But the real information us HD-heads are interested in is the Blu-ray sales numbers. Pocket-lint reports that of those 513,000 movies sold, 21% of them were Blu-ray and after some quick calculations that works out to about 108,000.

And get this, in November, 463,000 Blu-ray discs were sold, a 66% increase from October. It looks like a lot of people will be getting an HD movie this holiday season.

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