IP65 Waterproof Outdoor LCD Display from Collevodo!

Say hello to the giant waterproof LCD display from Collevo. Why waterproof? Well because it is meant to be an outdoor display and survive all environmental circumstances. It features a satisfying IP65 water-dust proof classification, auto power saving, a top, side and rear case waterproof designs to protect against rain, splashing and even a wash down by direct hoes. And the difference it promises to bring, is the fact that it is readable even in the sunlight. It comes in different sizes from 26″ to 42″, displaying 16.7 million colors and running on 115W to 240W, which isn’t that much compared to other huge LCD outdoor displays.

If you feel like buying it for indoor use, be sure to get yourself a new house featuring a giant living room. And here’s a tip. Wear a big giant tent when using it outdoors. It be weird to sit through football in the rain without a tent just because this Collevo is waterproof.

We don’t know yet for how much it will retail, but stick around and you’ll know as soon as we will.