Teres Audio Certus Turntables

Teres Audio has again revived the pleasant old memories, when people used to cherish their favorite music on the elegant gramophone. Its new Turntables can give competition to the modern age iPods and Wii. In the form of a record player, Certus Turntables come packed with all the latest technology.

Brought out by Teres Audio, Certus Turntables come in two different models, 460 and 450. The 460 model features two armboards with the Gibraltar isolation stand whlie the 450 model features dual armboards with an additional brass and hardwood base. The satin-coated brass gives both the models an elegant old age look. Keeping these Certus Turntables in your living room will no doubt give it a sophisticated look.

Certus Turntables is available in the market at a price range that starts from $ 13,900 and goes up to $ 25,500 for the top most models.

Via: Press