Stereo can shred phonebooks

I realize that this is a car stereo rather than anything that is made for a home theater, but this tech could be applied to the home.

And that is why I am reporting on it. Actually, it is because it is very neat and nifty to see a stereo system rip a phone book apart like a whirlwind.

You can watch it in the video if you don’t believe me, and the four 18-inch subwoofers driven by 20,000 watts can truly have an adverse effect on the Yellow and White Pages.

Yeah, this really is one of those things that you do just so you can prove that you can, but what a proof! It is made by Steve Meade, a system installer who is a “certified car stereo addict”. He clearly needs to turn to turn his sights on home theater. Of course, do you want your stereo speakers to utterly kill your eardrums.