Smasung lowers price of a pair of Active Shutter 3D glasses to just $50

One of the caveats of 3D TVs is that they often come with only one or two pairs of 3D glasses, and buying a few more for the rest of the family can easily rise into the hundreds of dollars. Now Samsung has heard their prayers and has lowered the price of their active shutter 3D glasses to $50 – and that’s for two pairs. The glasses previously retailed at $130.

In addition to the price cut, Samsung announced that all of its 2011 3D TVs will come bundled with at least two pair of active shutter 3D glasses. There has lately been somewhat of a battle between active and passive shutter 3D glasses and technology, and while active shutter of the best picture and viewing angle, they’re also a lot more expensive. Passive shutter can be had for as low as $20 per pair.