Sony KDL40XBR9 Television Review-Sweet 1080p Goodness

You’ve got to love the Sony Bravia line for its incredible capability and ease-of-use.  The Sony KDL40XBR9, which retails for an impressive twenty five hundred bucks depending on where you shop, will prove to be no exception.

Offering an incredible array of options, the Sony KDL40XBR9 is a forty inch  1080p LCD TV that will give you access to Sony’s line of Internet media, four speakers, sound booster, sound enhancer, Bravia Sync, four HDMI ports, and plenty more where those options came from.

Basically, the picture is beautiful, the sound is positively stunning, and the controls are simple to operate, especially considering how many options this thing comes with.  It’s almost disconcerting to talk about it like this, because the words “easy to use” and “panoply of options” really don’t go together that well, and yet somehow, here, they do.

I’m deeply impressed by the Sony KDL40XBR9, and if you get your hands on one of these, you likely will be too.